What To Expect – Building A New Kansas Home With Goertzen Homes

What To Expect – Building A New Kansas Home With Goertzen Homes

We know building your dream home is a big decision and one we don’t take lightly either. 

You have a lot of questions and expectations regarding the process, cost, and final product that are important to address, and we want to address those. 

We highly encourage all interested parties to come visit us in Inman so we can meet you in person, show you our model home, and walk you through our process for building your dream home. 

We believe visiting us in person will provide the experience and insight you need to make a great decision moving forward with your home. 

So, what can you expect when you come visit us here at Goertzen Homes?

Here’s What You Can Expect from Your Visit:

When you come visit us here you can expect to first see a model home (currently the Lamar floor plan) on our property, just 100 feet away from our offices and showroom. What does this experience offer you? 

  • It provides you with a first-hand look at our craftsmanship. See how we build from the ground up and our process for each phase of the project. 
  • You will see how we construct our walls for maximum quality and insulation for comfort throughout the home. 
  • You will see the materials we use throughout a home and the options you have for your home. 
  • You will notice the difference in how we finish out details, such as trim, joints, and no visible nail holes. Many of our visitors notice the difference in our construction from how we finish out the finest of details in our homes. 
  • You will see how price can vary per home based on square footage, materials, and additions like a garage and/or porch. 

As you’re being guided through our model home, you can ask any and all questions you have. We know you have a lot of questions and thoughts, so please don’t hesitate asking us the questions you have. We want to show you the difference we offer here at Goertzen Homes while providing you with the insight and confidence you need to make a decision. 

Can I See Other Homes Under Construction?

Yes, you can view a house that is under construction on our property. We show any house that is under construction, but we like to show a house that doesn’t have drywall because you can see our lumber and framing quality, along with spray foam insulation, wiring, and plumbing. 

You can truly see the difference in our quality at this stage because we believe our framing, walls, insulation and windows are some of the best available. 

After drywall is installed on a house, there’s not much more to see than our model home because everything else is contained within the walls. 

Do We Get an Estimate for Our Custom Home During This Visit?

It is difficult to provide an exact estimate without knowing the desired square footage, materials throughout, and additions (garage and porch). 

We will provide a rough estimate based on the desired square footage and some of the features you’re looking for. But remember this a rough estimate because there are many factors to consider when it comes to construction. 

While we do have floor plans available that can be tailored to fit your dreams, we also welcome any plans/drawings that you may have. 

Since every house we build is custom to our client, we will create a custom plan based on your needs and wants. 

Once your plan is complete and approved by you, then we provide a written estimate based on the plan. 

What Is Contained in My Home Build Estimate?

Once plans are finalized, we invite you to come back to our office to review your estimate with us so we can explain the details completely. 

You will receive two estimate documents:

  • Estimate sheet: this is a one page document outlining a short itemized list of the main components and total price for your home build. 
  • Spec sheet: this is a three page document (with two columns) outlining everything included in your custom home build. This is detailed so you can see everything we provide for the total price. We believe listing out each and every detail gives you total clarity regarding the build. 

We price a very complete house within our estimates, which some builders do not do. We do not want there to be any surprises within your build, which is why we build everything in to the estimate to give you the most accurate picture of the build. 

If you have more than one estimate, be sure to compare apples for apples. If you are in doubt about what’s included in your estimates, always ask. We strive to be completely transparent with you and to spell everything out.  

Remember, no surprises… none at all. 


Within each of our estimates is a list of allowances. You might wonder why we have allowances? 

It’s because at the time of the estimate we don’t know all of the fine details such as hardwood floors or carpet,  the exact miles of moving the house (if it’s coming to your site), light fixtures, HVAC work, and the foundation or basement work. 

We put all of those items into an allowance column that we estimate based on what you’ve shared with us. We can get close to the final number but not exact at the beginning of construction. If we land under budget then we will credit you for the amount. If we go over, then we will require additional payment at the end. However, we do our best to estimate this accordingly so the final price is close to the original estimate. 

How Do We Get Started with Our Home?

After reviewing the estimate and being satisfied with it, we will draw up the construction contract with the final price and the payment schedule. At the time of signing the contract we require a $5,000 non-refundable deposit, which is applied to the house purchase. Then when we actually start the construction, we get 15% down (minus the deposit), and then at three more points during the construction process we get 25% down each time. That leaves 10% for the last payment which we collect when the house is complete.

  1. Sign the contract 
  2. Provide the down payment 
  3. We purchase materials and get to building 

Remember – we highly encourage you to call us and visit us in the beginning so we can discuss the specifics of your home. Communicating through email is not ideal due to the complexity of building a custom home and the details we need to cover in person. 

So please give us a call if you’re ready to talk about your dream home!