Custom Stick Built Homes – Frequently Asked Questions

Custom Stick Built Homes – Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re wondering about our process for building custom stick built homes then you’ve found the right list of questions and answers here. We’ll cover everything from plans to price to limitations on homes we deliver.

Q: What is a stick built home?

A stick built home is a home made of wood on-site where the foundation is located. The term “stick built” refers to the framing of the home piece-by-piece in a truly custom fashion. It is not manufactured in any capacity.

All of the homes we build in Inman, KS and around Kansas are all stick built. We do not build modular or manufactured homes.

We are capable of stick building a home and moving it in sections to a specific site outside of our Inman, KS area.

Q: What is stick frame construction?

A custom home build requires stick framing construction, which is the construction of the frame stick-by-stick using high quality materials. This is different than a manufactured home which is built in sections using manufactured frames.

Stick frame construction is the traditional way of home building because it involves carpenters on-site building the home with each individual piece of lumber.

Q: Do you only build the floor plans listed?

A: No, the floor plans for our stick built homes are only a starting point. We provide these as samples and we have more plans at our office that we can show you. These plans allow you to determine a starting point for what you want in your next home.

Q: Is there a charge for modifying an existing floor plan?

A: No, there is no additional charge for modifying a floor plan. Since all of the homes we build are truly custom, we expect to modify plans to fit your needs accordingly. So feel free to ask us to modify a plan that you like and let’s see what we can accomplish together for your custom home.

Q: Can we bring our own plans to you for construction?

A: Yes, you are absolutely welcome to bring your own plans with you. We redraw all plans for homes that we build. We draw it just like you want and show you elevation views along with a 3D rendering that you can view, if you want to see everything come to life ahead of time. Since this is a custom stick built home, we can start with any plans and work from there, so bring any and all ideas you have to us and we’ll turn it into a reality.

Q: Can I see a 3D rendering of my home first?

A: Yes, some people prefer to see a 3D rendering before construction begins and we can absolutely provide that for you. You can view the house from any angle and even explore the interior. We don’t spend exhaustive hours on interior details with the 3D rendering, but you can see how every is planned in the interior.

Click below to view the plan on desktop. Please allow time for the rendering to load.

View Gardiner Plan 8-23-18 in Chief Architect’s 3D Viewer.

Q: Are there limits to a house you deliver?

A: Yes, there are limitations to the size of a house we deliver to your site. The house cannot exceed 32 feet wide for the main portion, not including the overhangs. With the 30” overhangs, a 32 foot wide house is 37 feet wide in transit. Also, we do not exceed 18 feet tall going down the road. These are limitations placed by the house movers and power-line companies. All of our roofs are flat-topped, and water-proofed, and the roof is finished after it’s delivered and set down, together with the porches and garage. We also cannot deliver two-story homes because of the size.

Q: Are delivered homes placed on a slab or basement or crawl-space?

A: We cannot place a home on a slab because we must include the floor system to build the house before shipping. Also, the house movers must be able to remove their steel beams after setting the house down, so a slab will not work. Most of our clients get a house on a basement and a few on a crawl-space.

Q: How close to Inman, KS can you build a house on-site?

A: All of our on-site home builds are within 20-30 miles of Inman. Also, on-site builds don’t have any limitations like homes we deliver to a site. We can build any shape and size custom stick built homes directly on site.

Q: What is included in your cost for a custom built home?

A: Everything is included in our price per square feet—the materials, labor, finishings…all of it is in our price. This is not the case with all custom builders. They don’t always include the cost of contracted work, such as plumbing or electrical. The price you see with us is the exact price it will cost to build.

Q: What’s the starting process for building a home with Goertzen?

A: First we need to finalize plan drawings and then we can do an estimate. None of this is an additional cost. We also don’t deviate from the estimated price at all unless you make a change to the plans after signing the contract. At the time of signing the contract you must provide a $1,000 non-refundable deposit. Once we have finalized plans, have your signature on the contract, and have your deposit, we require a 10% down (less the deposit) and then we get underway with construction.

Q: What is the payment schedule for a custom home?

A: We require a $1,000 non-refundable deposit and 10% down (less the deposit). Then the next three equal payments are made after the following: 1. Framing is complete 2. Drywall is complete 3. Ready for floor coverings. This now leaves a final 10% payment due after the house is finished and you are cleared to move in.

Have more questions? We’d enjoy having the opportunity to talk with you and provide answers to any questions you have. Please give us a call at: (620) 585-6784