Here Are the Areas of Kansas We Can Deliver Custom Homes To

custom home delivery in Kansas

Here Are the Areas of Kansas We Can Deliver Custom Homes To

First, we want you to know we wish we could provide a great custom home for anyone, anywhere in the state of Kansas. Unfortunately, we cannot at this time.

Why not?

It comes down to a few reasons:

  • We are required to only transport our homes along county roads. We cannot travel on state highways or interstates due to the size of our loads and safety concerns.
  • Since we cannot travel on larger roads, the county roads of Eastern Kansas have many more curves, overhanging trees and powerlines, bridges and overpasses, which present transportation risks for us.
  • Also, some have asked if we could split our homes in half and transport them in smaller sections. We will not do this because it compromises the structural integrity and quality of the homes we build and we will not sacrifice anything for that.

Where Can We Deliver Our Homes?

We created a simple graphic to show where we can and cannot deliver homes in Kansas, along with an area that we might be able to deliver to. Here is how to read this map:

  • Green – we are able to deliver custom homes anywhere in this area.
  • Yellow – we are likely to be able to deliver your custom home in this area but we cannot guarantee it. Please inquire with us regarding your location and we will let you know if we can deliver.
  • Red – unfortunately we cannot deliver to areas in the red because of the terrain and road conditions. We truly apologize. Just know we absolutely want to help you, but delivering a home in this area is not possible for us.

Why Are We Able to Deliver to Western Kansas?

In contrast to Eastern Kansas, the Western side of Kansas is much more flat and the terrain is different. County roads in the west are also more straight and better for us to transport our homes across.

We can absolutely build and transport your custom home anywhere in the Western ⅔ of Kansas.

Why Do We Build & Deliver Custom Homes in Kansas?

The reality is that there aren’t custom home builders everywhere in Kansas. Also, in some areas people can’t get the quality of homes we provide, which means there is a demand for a builder and quality. We deliver on both fronts.

How Can You Inquire About a Custom Home?

Great question! We’re excited to speak with you. Please contact us by phone at (620) 585-6784 or send an email to us at with your hopes and dreams for a home.