What Is The Price Of Our Homes?

We’re often asked for a general price per square foot on our homes and while we’d like to provide a general number, it’s just not accurate based on everything that goes into a custom home. 

Each of our homes is custom built based on what our clients need and want. Here’s what makes the most difference in the price of your home. We can discuss these items with you with their pros and cons to help you decide what is important to you: 

  • Desired square footage – how many square feet do you want in your home. Quite often the size of the house is determined by how many bedrooms you want. Most of our homes have two to three bedrooms on the main floor. And most of our homes sit on a basement where you can easily put two to three bedrooms on the lower level too. So, a 1,300 to 1,700 sq.ft. house can easily have four to six bedrooms. The basement level can be finished out as needed later on, and will save you the extra expense up front by not having to build such a large house. A basement with bedrooms is much more economical than building a large house all on one level.   
  • Materials throughout –  Here are interior and exterior options that are more significant: Quartz or granite countertops; Pella’s best windows and doors with shades or blinds between the glass; hard floors instead of carpets; brick or stone or stucco exterior; fire place; and Craftsman style trim.
  • Structural Details  These are structural options that make more of a difference on the price of your home: Hip roof design, 9ft tall ceilings or 8ft with a cathedral, spray-foam insulation, covered deck, finished basement, stormcave, or a flush-entry house with no steps.

If you provide this information, we can provide a rough estimate based on the preliminary information we get. Again, this is a rough estimate, as there are more factors to consider for a total build. 

Getting An Estimate:

We highly recommend you visit us here in Inman, KS so we can sit down with you and learn more about what you want while also showing you what we offer and how we build. If you cannot visit us here on-site, please call Russ or Will (620-585-6784) to discuss your home build at length. 

Once we’ve had time to assess your needs and ask all relevant questions, we will provide you with:  

  1. Floor plans and elevation views: these can be emailed or mailed to you. We also have the option to send you the plans in a 3D Viewer file that you can view and rotate at any angle and even pan into the interior and view the rooms.
  2. Estimate sheet: this is a one page document outlining a short itemized list of the main components and total price for your home. 
  3. Spec sheet: this is a three page document (with two columns) outlining everything included in your custom home build. This is detailed so you can see everything we provide for the total price. We price a very complete house with our estimates because we do not want there to be any surprises within your build.

View a sample estimate & spec sheet here >>>

Remember To Compare:

We understand you are likely gathering multiple estimates for your home build. This is a big step for you and we encourage you to compare prices and estimates. 

We also recommend you compare apples-to-apples. Some estimates you receive will not include every spec of the build and the price might be lower because of it. So it’s important to not just look at price but also what’s included for the price. 

We strive to be completely transparent with you about what you’re getting and to spell everything out. Our goal is for there to be ZERO surprises. What you see on the spec sheet is a full build with nothing left out.