How To Get More Square Footage And Stay Within Budget

How To Get More Square Footage And Stay Within Budget

When it comes to a new home build, one of the greatest factors is square footage. You want a home with the right square footage for your lifestyle. Maybe your family is growing and you need space for your children. Or maybe you’re empty nesters but enjoy having space for hobbies. 

Whatever the case may be, increasing square footage and adding rooms can seem expensive on the surface. And it can be expensive if you build out or build up. So we’re here to tell you of another approach that can increase square footage at only a third of the price. 

What is it? 

Add A Basement for More Square Footage and Less Cost

Simply adding a basement can increase square footage tremendously and increase the number of bedrooms and living space without hurting your budget. On average, adding a basement is a third of the cost of adding on to the main floor of a home. 

So if you’re looking to add two or three bedrooms to your floor plan, we can easily tuck that within the basement, reduce cost, and save space on your main floor. 

Haven’t considered a basement buildout? 

That’s certainly okay. We can include a basement in your custom home build and allow you to finish it out later as you see fit. Maybe you don’t know how to utilize the space yet but you know you’ll want the space in a few years. We can add it and you decide later without sacrificing the ability to grow in your home. 

Additional Benefits of a Basement in Your Home

Not only is it cost effective to add a basement to your new home, a basement also comes with other benefits: safety during severe weather, a more stable foundation, easier to install HVAC, and more. 

  • Safety – living in Kansas means the potential for severe storms and tornadoes. It’s always important to have a plan for safety and having a basement provides an immediate shelter from severe storms. Instead of having a storm shelter, you can have a livable space that doubles as a shelter in the event of a severe storm. Rest assured that you and your family have a place to escape to if the weather gets bad. 
  • Stable foundation – building a home on a basement is more stable than a crawl space which has the potential to shift and crack. Also, the further you go down in the ground, the more stable the foundation becomes. So a basement allows us to go further down and stabilize the entire structure from top to bottom. 
  • Easier to install HVAC – as you may expect, having more room beneath the house allows ease of installation of ventilation, heating and air. It provides more room for us to work when we install the air conditioning and furnace, along with plumbing. 
  • Cheaper to heat and cool – a basement has a more stable temperature throughout all seasons, which means it requires less heating and cooling. So not only can you pack more square footage into a basement, you also spend less to keep it comfortable. 

Have You Considered A Basement?

We hope this information is eye-opening for you and gives you more context to building as you consider your floor plan and overall needs. Adding a basement is a great way to get more out of your home build without breaking the bank. 

We certainly invite any and all questions you have about basement additions. We want to guide you throughout this process so you can achieve the perfect home you’ve been dreaming about. 

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