Modular Home vs Stick Built Home – What’s the Difference?

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Modular Home vs Stick Built Home – What’s the Difference?

Stick built and modular homes are two options for a home but are completely different. The confusion comes in when we deliver a home to its foundation. Yes, we can deliver to the western 2/3 of Kansas, but just because we deliver a home does not mean it is modular.

So let’s discover what the difference is so there is no confusion and you know exactly what we offer here at Goertzen Homes:

What is a Stick Built Home?

A stick built home is a wooden framed house which is constructed piece-by-piece on a building site. All of the framing, roofing, and trusses are built at the home location. As such, stick building is considered the traditional way of building a home.

Advantages of Stick-Built Home Construction

While modular homes have become a popular option in recent years, many still prefer stick built homes for the peace of mind it brings since traditional construction techniques are employed for the project. Some other advantages of stick built homes include:

Built Right on a Foundation

Everything is assembled right on the foundation, which lends itself to higher durability and quality since it more structurally sound. This also allows the structure to withstand more adverse weather conditions.

Traditional Building Methods

Home construction professionals have a thorough understanding of the building process as stick building has been around for decades. These traditional methods are well developed and professional from top to bottom.

Piece-by-piece Construction Allows for Customization

Since the individual components are built on-site, you’ll get the sense that you are actually involved in the construction process of your home. This means you can better customize your home to fit your needs and those of your space.

Stick Built Homes Are Most Likely to Appreciate

This is because stick built homes are constructed with traditional methods and are truly custom, not factory manufactured. Of course, we can’t guarantee that all stick built homes will appreciate, but the housing market certainly values stick built over modular homes. And well constructed homes in the right location are certainly highly sought after, and thus, appreciate in value over time.

What is a Modular Home?

A modular home is a home built in sections in a factory and then delivered to where it will stand. High quality modular homes are attached to a foundation. A modular home is not a mobile home. A modular home is simply one that is built off-site, as opposed to on-site.

This is where things can get confusing – since we have the ability to build homes and then deliver them, some people think we are modular home builders. We don’t construct modular homes because the homes we construct at our location are still constructed the same way we would on-site, using stick built methods and expert craftsmanship. We are not a factory for home building.

Also, it’s important to note that a home built in a factory setting, like a modular home, does not always come with the highest grade materials because it doesn’t have to withstand elements during construction. We use only the highest quality building materials that aren’t affected by rain and other weather elements, which means the materials stand up to any possible water spills once construction is complete and homeowners are in the home.

Comparing Modular and Stick Built Homes

So which home construction model is right for you? What are the benefits of modular versus stick built homes? Here we compare the features of the two building options.


Modular: Like traditional stick built homes, you can add your preferred style of door, window, or any architectural feature that best fits your personality. However, modular homes are usually not as customized as our stick built homes.

Stick Built: The appearance of a stick built home can be customized to fit the preference of the homeowner. An advantage over modular homes is the flexibility to make on-site adjustments while the construction is ongoing.


Modular: a modular home can be constructed in four to six weeks. Since construction is largely done in the factory, the delivery timeframe is usually shorter than traditional stick built homes. Weather also has no impact on the construction.

Stick Built: a custom stick built home can be constructed in five to seven months. On-site building must occur in favorable weather conditions, but once the home is dried in we can move much quicker and are not affected by the weather.

Floor Plans and Design:

Modular: The interior and exterior of modular homes can be built to meet certain customization preferences. However, this would require the services of full custom modular builders. Since their services are rare, the customization options with modular homes are limited.

Stick Built: Custom stick home builders are common since this construction model has been around for a long time. Hence, a homeowner can customize literally anything and everything concerning the home. Here at Goertzen we offer a wide variety of floor plans that can further be customized to your needs.

Building Process:

Modular: Prefabricated, assembly-line construction in a factory. Modular homes are delivered in segments to the home site.

Stick Built: Structure is built from scratch, so the owner follows through the process every step of the way. In stick built home construction, the services of local labor and material suppliers are employed.


While it is a common perception that stick built homes are more expensive than modular homes, the cost of construction is generally the same when comparing “like” materials. It also depends on size, customization, location, and materials used.

Also, here at Goertzen everything is incorporated in our price for building. This is not common for most builders. We don’t want you scrambling at the end of a build to find a contractor to finish something. That’s why we include everything in our price so you get exactly what you pay for and we manage the entire construction to full completion. This equals NO headaches for you.

[You do have the option to hire a concrete contractor and/or HVAC contractor of your choice. If not, we handle all of the contracting for you.]


Modular: Most HOAs and neighborhoods do not allow modular homes to be built in their community due to the difficulty in finding resale buyers. Modular homes have significantly high upfront costs as manufacturers require upfront payments or even expensive construction loans while the construction is ongoing. Hence, most lenders and buyers do not consider modular homes to have the same resale value as stick built homes.

Stick Built: Stick built homes have better resale value than modular homes. It appreciates in value faster, builds more equity, and is easier to sell if you decide to move.

Why Choose Goertzen Homes?

A home construction project is one of the most important ventures anyone can embark on in life. As such, it is important that you only work with the best so you can get the home of your dreams.

Goertzen Homes has the expertise and resources needed to build beautiful, durable, and comfortable stick built homes for you. We pride ourselves in the highest quality, style, elegance, and luxury we offer with our new homes.

We are a family-run new home builder committed to producing only the best home construction projects for residents in Inman, Buhler, Hutchinson, McPherson, and the entire western 2/3 of Kansas. Take advantage of our wide range of valuable stick built home construction services so you can maximize your home building and ownership experience.