We Build Kansas Homes with More Value & More Energy Efficiency

We Build Kansas Homes with More Value & More Energy Efficiency

In recent years we’ve experienced wild weather patterns across the U.S. and Kansas itself. That means record high and low temperatures are more common for all of us. If your house isn’t properly built with quality and durable materials, then the weather we’re experiencing will greatly affect your interior.

Not only may you be more uncomfortable indoors, but you’ll likely spend more on energy costs to keep your home warm or cool throughout the seasons. Beyond that, the value of your home cannot be as high if it’s not built from the beginning with quality materials that are durable.

Here at Goertzen Homes, we build with great quality and attention to durability. So no matter the conditions outdoors, you will be comfortable indoors and not waste more energy in the process. And the value of your new home will be higher than many others going up out there.

What Makes Our Homes More Efficient?

#1 – Wall Construction

lumber quality for home building

The way we construct a wall is a perfect example of our commitment to quality. Did you know nearly 25% of a wall is made of studs? That’s why we fasten sheeting and another layer of ¾ inch styrofoam board to the exterior wall to stop heat transfer through the studs.

Many homes lose efficiency through the studs in the walls. They aren’t protected from the outdoor elements, which affects the interior of the home and causes central air systems to run more frequently.

In our decades of home construction, we’ve learned how to keep efficiency high and protect your indoor environment, while keeping everything efficient.

It’s truly a matter of detail and making the commitment to build with the highest quality throughout.

#2 – Applying Spray Foam Insulation

Not only do we add more material to the exterior wall, we normally use high quality spray foam insulation around the studs and between the exterior and interior walls. Spray foam insulation provides one of the greatest airtight seals within the walls and prevents the most heat transfer throughout.

This is the major difference between traditional insulation (like fiberglass and cellulose) and spray foam insulation—the air tight seal.

Fiberglass or cellulose insulation has more gaps and isn’t airtight. More air is able to move through these types of  insulation and pass through walls and into a home.

Spray foam insulation is considerably more dense and effective at keeping air from passing through your walls, which is why we prefer to use foam insulation throughout a home in order to keep the whole home more comfortable and efficient. Spray foam insulation is a greater value over the lifetime of the home.

#3 – We Install Pella Windows

A lot of efficiency is either saved or lost with windows. This is another point during construction where we absolutely focus on quality. We’ve used Pella Windows for 30 years because of their quality build and high energy efficiency.

These windows are double paned and use sealed pane glass. Some models even have three panes of glass, which is incredible for energy efficiency and keeping your home comfortable.

We install wood, fiberglass, and vinyl windows from Pella. All are high quality, with the triple pane wood windows and the lower cost 350 Series vinyl being the most  efficient. So if you’re looking for the most efficiency throughout your home, then we recommend getting the Lifestyle Triple Pane wood windows, but any of the Pella brand windows are very adequate.

#4 – Insulated Garages

When we build the garage for your home, we give you the option to have us finish it out, or leave it unfinished. If we finish it out, we insulate the walls and apply an LP Smart Side panel to the interior for an attractive durable finish. Whether we finish and insulate the garage or not, the garage/house common wall is still insulated the same so the house efficiency is not affected.

We always drywall the ceiling of a garage and insulate it, which keeps extreme attic temperatures from making the garage so hot in the summer. We also do this for fire code reasons, in order to keep a fire from the garage spreading into the rest of the house. We also use insulated overhead doors whether you insulate and finish the walls or not. That way if you ever decide later to insulate the garage, the doors will not need to be upgraded to insulated.

How Does All of This Bring More Value to a Home?

Our energy efficient approach is one of quality and attention. The more quality and attention we put into a build translates into more value.

Adding more quality materials to your walls is an increase in value for your home. Adding high quality spray foam insulation to your walls and decking is another value add.

We add more value because our clients want it and deserve it in their new home. Also, we care about the quality standards of our homes and bringing more value to the construction of a home. Where some might pass on details here and there, we make sure everything from the walls to the attic to the fixtures are high quality and durable for the entire time you plan to enjoy your home.

At Goertzen Homes, we’re committed to quality in everything we build, which means energy efficiency is a major factor in how we approach each build. We do this because you want the very best in your new home and you deserve it.